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To promote Britain’s Plan Bee campaign, UK winery Banrock Station created the world’s first bee-powered billboard, composed of 10,000 live bees. Plan Bee aims to campaign against the use of bee-killing pesticides and to inspire people to help bees in their own gardens.

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PLAN BEE – by Susan Brackney

 “Set aside the infinite spoonfuls of honey, the batches of homemade mead, and so many sweet-smelling beeswax candles and soaps, and I can still say the honeybees have brought an extraordinary sweetness to my life.  As I idly watch them fly from flower to flower and from flower to hive, I realize they’ve managed to slow my previously frenetic pace, to make me more appreciative of the workings of the universe, and to return me, at least a little bit, to simpler times. As you get to know the fascinating, persevering, life-affirming honeybee, I hope all these things for you too.”

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