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The Hochdorf drinking horn has a capacity of 5.5 litres, which was enough to get suitably inebriated. It’s the largest and most precious drinking horn, specially reserved for the host. The iron was forged into the shape of a horn and decorated with shear gold. The tip was adorned with beads made of bones. Kunst der Kelten, Historisches Museum Bern. From The Hochdorf Chieftain’s Grave is a richly-furnished Celtic burial chamber dating from 530 BC. An amateur archaeologist discovered it in 1977 near Hochdorf an der Enz (municipality of Eberdingen) in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Found with a large cauldron decorated with three lions around the brim. The cauldron was originally filled with about 100 gallons (400 l) of mead.

[via Ethnobeeology]

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