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PODCAST: Michael Bush on Treatment Free Beekeeping

Podcast via kiwimana

Michael Bush
Treatment Free Beekeeper / Author and Speaker from Nebraska
BOOK: “The Practical Beekeeper: Beekeeping Naturally”

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One Response to PODCAST: Michael Bush on Treatment Free Beekeeping

  1. Gary Fawcett June 6, 2014 at 3:06 pm #

    Thank you guys for publishing our podcast on your site.

    Michael is a guy full of some great practical advice and we were happy to be able to share his words with other beekeepers. He offers an alternative approach to keeping bees, which we can all learn something from.

    We must get you guys on the podcast one day as well, we would be keen to discuss how you guys keep bees in LA.

    Thanks again and Yay Bees!!!

    Gary Fawcett

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