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Tools and Materials

White wide-brimmed straw hat (or spray-paint a regular straw hat)
White spray paint (optional)
Black tulle netting
White seam binding 
Hot-glue gun 
Wire cutters 
Millinery bees
Duct tape 
Metal bucket with handle
Letter stencils
Yellow paint pen
Light-colored shirt
Pair of painter’s coveralls
Pair of cotton work gloves with yellow accents 

1. Cut a piece of tulle 16 inches wide and as long as the circumference of the brim of the hat. Hot-glue seam binding to one long edge of the tulle. Glue tulle to underside of hat brim, and cover with seam binding (to keep glue from seeping through). 

2. Remove wires from most of the bees. Glue wireless bees to tulle. Poke a few wired bees through the top of the straw hat from the outside; bend the wires at a right angle, and glue to inside of hat. 

3. Using letter stencils and paint pen, stencil “HONEY” on bucket; let dry. Tape more wired bees to inside of bucket. 

4. Wear hat with shirt, coveralls, and work gloves. 

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