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    google flights

    Google Flights: Are Google flights cheaper?
    The flight price comparison “Google Flights” advertises to find cheap flights. In a quick check, we check whether you really pick the cheapest with Google or if you are not better advised by other providers.

    tips for google flights
    Flight search via “Google” – what is behind it?

    “Google Flights” overview card
    Google Flights is an offer from the California search engine giant Google. The company already has a lot of price comparison experience with the universal portal Google Shopping.
    Here’s how it works: simply enter the desired date and departure and destination. As a result, Google Flights will find the cheapest flight for you from a variety of airlines.

    Google Flights: prices in the quick check
    Conveniently from Frankfurt to Sydney
    We compared the Google service on five routes with the two competitors “Swoodoo” and “Expedia”. The information refers to the price for the outward flight of an adult. The test results look like this:
    Berlin to Munich: “Google Flights” and “Expedia” cheapest with about 78 euros.
    Berlin to Barcelona: “Google Flights” cheapest with 60 euros.
    Berlin to New York: “Google Flights” cheapest with 248 euros.
    Hamburg to Moscow: all three equally cheap with about 102 euros.
    Frankfurt to Sydney: “Google Flights” cheapest with 639 euros.
    Conclusion: At least this short test could “Google Flights” decide for themselves. For all routes, the search for flights was ahead – three times it could even distinguish itself clearly from the two competing search providers. Nevertheless, a quick look at Swoodoo and Expedia is worthwhile.
    Tip: Whether the cheapest airline can also ensure a pleasant flight, tell you the reviews in the web app “So was my flight”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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