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Safe removal of bee hives?

Home Forums HoneyLove Forum Safe removal of bee hives?

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    Chris Weaver

    I work for the city of Long Beach. I volunteered to handle all bee calls. I need a safe way to remove bee hives, without killing them. Even better would be if someone wants to come get them, because I have nowhere to take them. Be cause it’s a safety issue for people in the parks, the city is ok with killing them, but I’m not. Please HELP! Thank you

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    susan rudnicki

    Chris—I am glad you recognize how unacceptable it is for the city to exterminate bees, but how could you volunteer to remove them if you have no bee skills? I can’t think the city would accept this. There is a LOT to learn to be competent in re-homing established colonies (“hives”) and swarms (clusters of bees with no structures but looking to establish a home)
    I recommend you get in touch with the local bee club, Long Beach Beekeepers, they have a Yahoo group here
    and their president is Henry Kurland here 562-424-2114 or
    562-366-9368 Some of the members of this group have the skills you lack for these operations. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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