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    When new urban beekeepers email HoneyLove, we send them this link with a few ideas on how to get started (gear, books, etc.)

    I’d love some input on it from the HoneyLove hivemind =) What am I missing? What needs to be updated?



    ceebs bailey

    Hands-on Mentorship: before, during and pay it forward. Hand in hand with that is community.


    Love it! Thanks Ceebs! I just updated the page with your suggestion!
    STEP 3: Get your hands sticky!
    The single best way to learn is to get some hands-on mentoring: before you get bees, while you have bees, and then pay it forward and become a mentor! You can join us at the HoneyLove Sanctuary the 3rd Sunday of each month in Moorpark, CA—check the events page for full details on how to join us!


    walker rollins

    perhaps mention our local supplier L.A. honey co.?


    susan rudnicki

    I know I am being a sticker, but the epithet “super” in place of “hive body” is misleading since “super” means “above” as “sub” means “below” and you can really only have one on top. This leads to confusion when newbees are asking for advice on problems and they call everything a “super” and do not designate the brood space hive bodies. I ask my mentees to use accurate language from the beginning.
    If we are going to mention local suppliers of bee suits, along with BM, I would ask we explain one problem with some of the local suits—sometimes they do not have elasticized ankle/wrist openings, which allows crawling bees into your suit—necessitating buying gaiters. This feature is pretty important, in my view.
    I would list Pierce-Mieras bee supply in Fullerton as lots of folks may find them more convenient, and they have begun supplying “Ray’s Special” foundationless frames, at Ray Teurman’s request—very nice of them. These have a comb guide as part of the under side of the top bar, and no grooves to allow hiding SHB or hive moth. Tom and Jim are also super friendly. They DO NOT take credit cards, but cash or checks only.
    So, these are my suggestions!


    Great ideas Walker & Susan! Thanks!


    Kirk Anderson

    I think the most important thing to do is START.That should mean find a mentor.Or go to mentoring in Moorpark with some idea about it.Find a mentor or someone to talk to.Join a forum and ask all the questions that bug all the advanced beekeepers.Then dive in

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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