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Bees&Beekeeper needed Van Nuys

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    Kirsten Olson

    I used to be a member of Backwards Beekeepers and did my own hives but we just don’t have the time to maintain them as we should and keep up the whole property. I’ve got a fairly large property with koi ponds and lots of organic gardens. I love the bees and want to help home a few hives. I’m looking for hives and maintenance. I’m open to honey trades and payment or some of both. I’m open to helping (we have suits) I just can’t take on the full responsibility. We moved the hives for construction and have finished building and want to start fresh and do it the right way to be sure the bees are cared for properly and we of course get some yummy honey!
    Kirsten 818-430-7373


    Hi Kirsten:
    I may have some hives that I need to move and would be interested in utilizing your property. I have been a beekeeper for 6 years and have successfully maintained 10+ hives.


    How much price …


    price for what?


    UPDATE TO KIRSTEN: Glendale is allowing us to keep our hives in place while they evaluate having backyard beekeeping ordinance modification. City Council meeting two days ago approved to look into making this change to the city’s ordinance. Will keep you posted. It was nice to meet you and your husband, hope all is well with you both.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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